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During my life I had very bad moments, like everyone I guess; my parents death, Gabriella’s suffering, … but I think I’ve never been so bad as the years I was a slave/worker in the extreme sex society.

My experience there was not so different from the other girls. In that place there were women who really enjoy the sex perversions she did there, to tell you the truth there were much more of this kind I ever imagined. Others like Iris, Misty or Nicole simply tried to survive, sometimes “escaping” with the drugs use. They were pragmatic and I think they lived their lives in the present, never thinking about their futures or making plans or whatever. 

Finally there were girls who survived filled with sorrows and hating everything, everyone and specially themselves. Those girls were like living zombies, junkies, with their mind destroyed and without the will to fight for their lives and their future. They only moved by force of habit. And that habit was an endless nightmare of depravity and sex perversions interrupted by suicidal attempts and overdoses. I was one of those girls.

I never tried to take my own live but I had quite a bunch of overdoses. Someone, don’t know who, became my pimp/manager and started to exploit me in that dark world. I lost contact with everyone from my former life like Lucy. Also I was told Kerstin was not anymore the all powerful boss in the luxury sex circle. From my life prior to my deals with the sex business I have lot all kind of contacts already; my family, my friends in the university, ….

I know Lucrezia took care of me, tried to help me to detox but she could not take me off that place. They tattooed me, had a boob job and a lip job, they just turned me into another sex doll for the sickest porn market. I traveled a lot to Japan and worked there with Musette. I didn’t meet Claudia or the other japanese girls for a while. And I cut my communication with Gabriella. She had suffered a lot already so I didn’t want her to know about my miserable life.

There is not much more to add about those years. Now, I look back, I watch the scenes I had to do, the life I had and don’t know how I managed to survive those years.

I know my tale has turned dark and grim lately but I warned you. The sex business is sadly much more than happy girls fucking amazing guys in California, it has more dark areas than bright ones. And even in those dark areas exist even darker corners where is better not to look at. You simply need to watch some news to be aware of how low the humanity can go, and if you sum those low instincts plus perversity and sex you will find there are niches and markets for the extremest sex acts. And if those markets are real and profitable, and they are both things, someone will produce it. And trust me, usually the person who produce that shit is not the person who is fucked and abused in front of the camera. Although I’ve seen very weird things.

From now my tale will change. I will not be the teller for a while, other persons will, persons who got involve in my life. For good I must say, they were also some kind of guardian angels for me. Nika, Monika, a young Interpol investigator obsessed about her missed twin sister and in charge of continuing the investigation about trafficking and sex business started by another Interpol policewoman supposedly dead. George, from Paris police criminal brigade and Nika’s assistant. 

And Marianna, another slave/worker in the sex business, abused and used for years, grotesquely modified but really pretty and with the strength and faith in a better future. Those three persons saved me and I believe that indirectly also saved a lot of more sex workers. I really hope their narration will be more pleasant to read and also explain more things about my life, the sex society and the powerful circles around it.

So for now I have to say good bye. Or see you soon.

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eEUcomISSO Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
OMG, you really loved your main character. For godsake!
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lexxii Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
SAD Chapter But Lovely Details On Her :star: xoLexxiiCutieShots :rose:
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment!!!!

I know is a bit sad but I wanted to narrate here how sometimes sex related jobs are not cool as seem to be.
Maya-Volkania Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
love your busty smokers
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
solloxr Featured By Owner Edited Mar 19, 2017
Ending on a down note and with a warning, but also giving a bit of an insight into upcoming chapters. Good choice to end up this volume of the story.
Have you considered revisiting the looks of a few already known characters from time to time as well?
It would also be pretty great to see Adriana after her boob jobs, tattoos etc.
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment as always.

During next season some old characters will appear, some of them with changes others not.
solloxr Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, this is the last image of the present season.

Sorry for the bad shadows in the back but was a fast render and could not correct it.
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

En mi vida he tenido muy malos momentos. Como casi todos supongo. La muerte de mis padres, ver sufrir a Gabriella, … pero creo que nunca he caído tan abajo como los años que fui trabajadora/esclava en la sociedad de sexo extremo.

Mi caso no fue diferente al de otras chicas. En ese lugar había mujeres que disfrutaban de lo que hacían allí, la verdad es que más de lo que habría esperado. Otras como Iris, Misty o Nicole simplemente intentaban sobrevivir a veces con ayuda de las drogas, a veces intentando evadirse, … El caso es que eran pragmáticas y creo que vivían en el presente sin preocuparse por el futuro o preguntarse que hacían allí. 

Y luego estaban chicas que sobrevivían con amargura y odio a todo, empezando a ellas mismas. Chicas que eran zombis vivientes, adictas a todo tipo de drogas, con la mente devastada y que habían perdido las ganas de luchar. Solo seguían adelante por inercia. Y su vida era una pesadilla de perversiones interrumpida por intentos de suicidios y sobredosis. Yo era una de esas chicas.

No llegué a intentar quitarme la vida pero tuve varias sobredosis. Alguien, no se quien, se convirtió en mi proxeneta/representante y se dedicó a explotarme en ese mundo. Perdí contacto con las personas de mi vida anterior como Lucy. Me dijeron que Kerstin ya no era la todopoderosa jefa del circulo de sexo de lujo. De mi vida anterior a la industria del sexo ya hacía tiempo que no sabía nada, de mi familia, de mis amigos y conocidos de la universidad, … 

Se que Lucrezia cuidó en cierto modo de mi, intentó que me desenganchara varias veces pero no podía sacarme de aquel lugar. Me tatuaron, me operaron los senos y la cara, me convirtieron en una muñeca sexual para el mercado más depravado. Viaje y trabajé mucho en Japón con Musette. No volví a saber de Claudia o de las otras japonesas por un tiempo. Y corté la comunicación con Gabriella. Ella ya había sufrido demasiado así que decidí que mejor no hablarla de mi miserable existencia.

Poco más puedo decir de esos años. Miro ahora atrás, veo lo que hice, las escenas, y no se como sobreviví a aquello la verdad. 

Se que mi relato se ha ido oscureciendo últimamente pero ya lo avisé. El negocio del sexo no solo son chicas sonrientes en California, tiene más oscuridad que luces. Y aun dentro de su oscuridad hay lugares donde las personas normales es mejor que no miren. No hay nada más que ver las noticias para ver lo bajo que cae la humanidad y si a esos instintos le sumas la perversión y lo prohibido hay un nicho y un mercado para el sexo más atroz y oscuro. Si eso existe alguien tiene que hacerlo, alguien pondrá el dinero. Y creeme, el que pone la pasta no suele ser la persona que es follada y abusada delante de la cámara. Aunque he visto de todo.

A partir de ahora mi relato cambiara. Durante un tiempo no lo contaré yo si no otras personas que se involucraron en mi vida. Para bien he de decir, ellas fueron también mis angeles de la guardia. Nika, Monika, una joven inspectora de Interpol obsesionada con buscar a su hermana desaparecida y encargada de continuar la investigación de otra policía, supuestamente muerta. George, miembro del departamento criminalista de Paris y ayudante de Nika. 

Y Marianna, otra chica esclava de la sociedad, abusada y usada durante años, tremendamente modificada, pero realmente hermosa y con la fuerza, y la fe, en una vida mejor. Esas tres personas me salvaron y creo que indirectamente salvaron a muchos. Espero que su narración sea más agradable y espero que también explique ciertas cosas de mi vida y de la sociedad. 

Me despido de momento.

TiffanyValentinex Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
valla la vida es dura o3o 
AkibaStudio Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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